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Sorry for the lack of blog updates over the past few days… the good news is that I’ve been writing! It’s been a fairly prolific week; at this pace, I may hit 40,000 words by the weekend. Close to halfway through the book. With any luck, I’ll be sending the first half of the book back to an editor before the end of the month.

As a first-time writer of fiction, I continue to be fascinated by emerging patterns, and the overall evolution of my writing. For instance, I much prefer writing dialogue to writing back story/background/scene transitions. Don’t ask me why. I’ve also discovered the shower as the absolute best place for brilliant story ideas. Again, don’t ask me why. And I’ve finally become comfortable in forging ahead to new chapters, rather then endlessly editing the chapters I have (somewhat) completed. It’s harder than you can imagine, leaving chapters alone when you know they aren’t quite done. Now I know – they’ll never be done.

One final note – less than two weeks left on the Kickstarter project. If you plan to contribute, do it soon!

Thanks –


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As my Kickstarter project passes the halfway point, I’ve been thinking more about my request for funding from friends, family, and even strangers. Let’s face it, I’m a one-percenter – which is part of what I think makes this project interesting (and fun for me). But it also raises the question – why do you need money? For me, it’s about validation of the concept, and something concrete I can show to the publishing world.

Here’s another perspective. I was surfing through some other Kickstarter projects, and came across a project launched by Spike Lee. Last August, he raised over $1.4 million for his latest movie project. In his video and in the description of the project, he discusses the question – why should people give money to a wealthy, successful filmmaker?

If interested, check it out here:

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If nothing else, that guy’s got some crazy cool stuff to give away for his rewards…

OK, enough. Back to Rudy and his most recent crises. But please keep sharing this project with your friends!

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What if the 20 wealthiest Americans pooled their resources and worked together to develop and pass a set of ‘third-rail’ legislation that generally has the support of a silent majority, but is doomed to languish in our current political landscape? Just for fun and to annoy everyone, let’s say:

1. Congressional term limits; eliminating anonymous and unlimited PAC contributions

2. Banning semi-automatic weapons; background checks for gun purchases

3. Social Security Reform (raising rates, income caps, and/or retirement age)

These twenty individuals could use just 10% of their total wealth (a mere $60 billion) and fashion a political campaign for the ages. Here is what $60 billion might buy:

  • A staff of 1,000 in every state to lead the grassroots campaign. They could place personal phone calls to every U.S. household multiple times per month.
  • A staff of 2,500 in Washington DC to coordinate and lead the charge.
  • $1 billion in a PAC fund for each of the issues.
  • One-third of all U.S. advertising for an entire year – TV, internet, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards, etc. Sure, it doesn’t actually work like this but you get the point.
  • About $5 billion in ‘pocket change’ to deal with unexpected problems as they arise, and to hire an army of expert consultants :).

Of course, once this set of low-hanging fruit was accomplished – who knows what they might be able to tackle next? The possibilities are endless…

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